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As Mikey Junior and Eric Turner study for their exam, Mikey can tell Eric is spaced out and bumming. Prodding, Mikey finds out that Eric is worried about a girl he's seeing. It turns out that Eric is a virgin and he's afraid of how he'll perform, namely, that he'll cum too soon. Mikey laughs and tells Eric they'll get to the bottom of this together. Eric doesn't know what Mikey means, but moments later, as Mikey is going down on him, he gets the idea. Eric never thought his first would be a guy, but as Mikey deep throats his cock and Eric gets an involuntary hard on, he decides to just go with it. Mikey stays in control, telling Eric to close his eyes as he mounts his buddy's cock, slowly grinding on him reverse as Eric gets acclimated. Confident that Eric has found his stroke, Mikey tells him to bend him over and have his way, and Eric does as he's instructed, pounding Mikey from behind and swelling up in the tip of his dick. Ready to spit his load, Eric watches Mikey jizz all over himself, and as he lay there cum coated, he tells Eric it's time for him to shoot. Eric pulls out and douses Mikey with his first load, and Mikey tells him he's got nothing to worry about.Enjoy!

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That chair looked super awkward and uncomfortable
2022-11-11 21:52
A bit removed in time. . . BUT. . . watching a big, beefy muscle boy get sucked and then raw fucking his buddy is hot. Got hotter when he gave in and mouth tongued his gay bottom. Very hot when he shot big, thick jock loads on his buddy's c um spill. Nice , huge, muscle ass and thighs.
2021-02-08 13:13
Now at times We at Bitch Alert Company (tm) see some of these PORN sites as a Joke or just too lame, but for the first time NDS finally got it right...this vid is supr sexy and hot, and it has a STR8 guy in it for real, any the PLOT was right-on spot notice Mikey Junior, as well as Eric Turner was sooo convincing that I/We had to watch this at least ten (10) x (times), Eric T. need too cum back and do this again, but PLEASE LET HIM REST UP, HE IS THE REAL DEAL - G-d I LOVE THIS SITE, MEN.COM is now next too, NDS is the REAL DEAL - LOVE YOU GUYS!
2019-05-15 01:10
More of Eric please!!
2018-08-01 15:28
More of Eric please!!
2018-04-04 23:22
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