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It's a sultry, sensuous affair as Cole Christiansen, Austin Storm and Slate Steele get together for this bare occasion. Starting slow, they warm up their mouths, nibbling and sucking anything they can get their hands on (including each other). Whilst sucking on a lollipop, Slate gets a hankering for the real thing, so he ditches the props and pulls down Cole's shorts, immediately engulfing his cock deep into his mouth as Austin watches, pulling down his shorts and beginning to stroke himself. Slate sees this and moves from Cole to Austin, alternating between both and then swordfighting in his mouth with both of them. Austin is almost ready to fuck, so Cole warms Slate up with a buttplug while Austin puts his condom on, but Slate wants it raw, and so Austin slips it in bare, the shimmer of his head glistening in the light as he plunges it deep into Slate's hole. Slate reaches his arm back and pulls Austin in tighter, taking on the full length of Austin's rod in the process. Austin pumps him from behind as Cole watches on, Slate nibbling every now and again on the tip of Cole's cock, driving him crazy as he nearly bursts with anticipation. Finally it his his turn, so he flips Slate around onto his back and slowly inserts his hard cock in the Slate's cock-stretched hole, fucking him missionary as Slate cums all over his chest, before Cole pulls out and he and Austin take turns blasting Slate with their sticky sweet loads.


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Thank you NDS for another great oral scene. Hot guys, lusty sucking (I love to have a young buck suck my nuts, 14:20). Keep 'em cumming!
2021-05-22 22:23
As far as I'm concerned the opening of this video  with that great French chanteuse is the sexiest  three and a half minutes of porn I have ever seen.  And the rest of great too.
2019-08-07 03:53
Moore Slate Steele Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-11-28 10:24
It is called suck, right?   There needed to be much more sucking to live up to that title and wouldn't an appropriate, sexual, hot climax be them all swallowing their buddies cum???   "Ya think?   Missed opportunity.   
2018-07-23 17:24
Now I love my French music, but I just can't get over a person being bi, I can't get off or cum, its when I check a person out and see he did a NDS Hookup, I loose interest in that person(s) and I move on, such as to MEN.COM or Icon male, et al.
2015-11-22 04:27
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