Suite Pleasure

  • : 12-05-2014 |
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You've been craving that cock. You've been having dreams where that smile and his scent haunt your visions. Now he's back, in the flesh. Cody Cummings is hosting young Megan Rain, and she's experiencing the pent-up passion that Cody's been saving for you. Join them both as Megan gets acquainted with Cody's iconic body by first sucking his toes. As she enjoys all of his feet, Cody feels his massive dick swell a bit. He checks her out and brings her mouth up to accept that thick member. Megan lets her inhibitions go as she succumbs to pure, sensual delight. Cody's huge cock pulsates between her lips as she sucks deep. Cody's hands explore, squeezing, rubbing, caressing. Cody lays Megan onto her back and rubs that big, hard slab of man meat on the young girl before sliding it in. He pounds her, slow at first, then builds into a quicker pace. He pauses sometimes to kiss Megan. During these moments, her breath catches up with her, and she moans loudly. Then Cody lays on his back and she mounts the girthy boner. Watch Cody fuck hard as Megan helps you get reacquainted with the irresistible, the incredible, the Man of Steel Cock, the legend in his own time...Cody Cummings. Enjoy!

Cody Cummings

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I love watching Cody suck and play with tits this was the BEST!
2015-09-29 03:34
Please please more straight scenes with Cody !!!! He`s unique !!!! His scenes are not just the stupid in and out, he`s in it !!! He knows what a woman wants in bed !!!
2015-01-27 15:12
I like soooo much to watch Cody`s straight scenes. He`s so hot and passoinately, please please more of this !!!
2015-01-03 12:07

Hello everyone! Sorry for the mix-up - this scene was not intended to show up on the main page, it was supposed to only show up if you're viewing the Cody Cummings page filter accessible in the Network tab above.

We've since fixed the problem and it should be working as intended now. I apologize for any dissatisfaction this may have caused you in the meantime.

2014-12-05 11:16
i am--and am sure there are many that feel this way--a gay male that gets off on hetero males as they get off on fucking women, but for me to get off, there needs to be certain things (great views from behind of his nice ass just pumping away; esp. doing it doggy style), or a female giving a man a rim job, just the thought of seeing a tight unentered virgin hole of a sexy str8 guy drives me wild. In my fantasy that is me he's fucking or it's me giving him a rim job. When said sex scenes are devoid of these two factors (gr8 views of the man's ass or a rim job), then i don't get anything out of it. I love to see cody's ass as he fucks or get rims. If that criteria can be met in every NDS hetero scene, than i am sold and am on board, but this scene, while i have not scene yet (only viewed the screenshot pics), seems to lack those elements, so i am not too happy about it. @NDS: When doing hetero porn, try very hard to make it along the lines of Jake Cruises' Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. Which was 100% what i loved, it showcased the man in a way that we (gay men) can enjoy. If you follow that theme, then i'm sure you'd get more happy responses from your customers.
2014-12-05 09:53
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