Sultry Getaway

  • : 03-06-2015 |
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Featuring Cody Cummings
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In a very special installment, Cody Cummings is inviting you to join him just as he's returning from a formal, social event. He's staying with a friend in Palm Springs for the weekend. The event, one where Cody was delivering not only a keynote address, but also was expected to give a grand toast, has had Cody's nerves a bit on edge. Thankfully (for both Cody AND us), the event went swimmingly.

The crowd was awed, as usual, by Cody's grace and charm, and now the two of you are alone. He feels comfortable now, knowing he can be himself and show you his body. He talks to you and the mood becomes light. Soon you're both nude, and both have growing erections. You both stroke your dicks. You admire the way Cody slowly, and with power, jerks his fat, swollen meat. He's gazes into your eyes. You can feel his deep, stirring sexual energy. Outside, the hot sun beats down on the dry streets of the desert. But inside, here with Cody, the air is cool and comfortable. You both still sweat though, as you and he work up to an intense, ecstatic eruption.


Cody Cummings

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Cody is a hot guy but even hoooooter with a hairy chest.
2018-10-22 15:12
Wooh love to see my favorite Cody Cummings, he has a muscular body, like his nipples, so hot, love to see more soon on Cody his video's ADM
2016-07-09 07:10
i dont like the idea of cody sleeping in the whole scene.

it would be great if you show cody ass.
2015-03-17 00:35
Admin: Please ask Cody if you would do a sleeping video for us. Johnny Torque and Cody have worked together in the past. Set the scene with Cody visiting Johnny over the weekend. They toss a few drinks back and reminisce about scenes that had shot together. Getting late Cody heads off to bed and Johnny stays up for a few tiding up around the house. Johnny heads back to his room but stops at Cody’s room to see if he needs anything. Johnny softly knocks at Cody’s door. No answer. Johnny opens the door and see’s that Cody is fast asleep. In the pale moon light shinning from the window Johnny see’s Cody’s bulging underwear. Johnny starts to rub his crouch and makes his way over to Cody. Slowly caresses Cody’s chest and then licks Cody’s nipples and then grabs Cody’s crouch and squeezes it gently. Cody’s cock comes alive and Johnny pulls down Cody’s underwear exposing Cody’s fat throbbing cock. Johnny inhales Cody’s cock and sucks on Cody’s balls. Each time Johnny looks over to see if Cody is awake Cody pretends to be asleep. Cody continues to pretend to be asleep and cums in Johnny’s face as Johnny strokes Cody’s cock. Johnny sneaks out of Cody’s room and lays on his bed and jack’s off on to his chest.
2015-03-15 15:18
We all know it's you writing this Cody... hence why still NO fuck scene.

Now go lick your hand and disappear you knob.
2016-01-23 01:52
Do you know Cody“s Instagram?
2015-03-09 12:08
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