Summer Dreams

  • : 11-12-2011 |
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Summer is winding down for Samuel O'Toole. He can feel by the tingle in his loins that soon enough the weather will turn and the days by the pool will be done for another year. But when the tingle stiffens into a full and massive hard on, he realizes this is one fantasy that can't wait. He imagines himself tanning by the pool, visited by a beautiful blonde siren, and- voila!- Darcy Tyler appears in his head... to give him head. Next the two of them take turns using the Fleshjack and Sammy's own personal molded dildo. But this just whets her appetite for the real O'Toole, so Sammy obliges her and the two of them engage in one final Summer fling. Hopefully that will keep him warm for the winter.


Samuel O'Toole

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1 comment

Bring him back. And show more guys fucking women.
2015-11-18 09:58
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