Sunny Bums

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As Logan Cross suns himself by the pool, his brother's friend, Steve Rogers, pays a visit. Logan tells him his brother will be gone for a while and Steve decides to wait for him as Logan continues to catch some rays. Steve tries hard not to stare at Logan's toned and tanned little ass but it's hard not to, and when Logan notices the bulge in Steve's shorts, he suggests they wait inside. Steve agrees and in no time, Logan is indulging in one of his wildest fantasies. Having long dreamed of hooking up with Steve, Logan realizes the fantasy pales to reality as he goes deep on Steve's fat cock, slobbering all over it as he plays with himself. Steve is rock hard and ready to pound, so Logan mounts him as Steve holds him close, slipping his raw cock all the way into Logan, kissing him passionately before pushing him back and fucking him harder than he's ever had it before. He lets Logan have a nice long ride before flipping him over onto his back and pounding the nut out him. Logan shoots his load all over himself as Steve continues his thrusting, pulling out just in time to blast Logan's sun drenched bum with a healthy load of straight boy cum.Enjoy!

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Super hot scene! One the best ones on the site. I love watching cutie twinks pounded by huge rugged muscle studs! Steve dripping with sweat all over Logan was so damn hot! Steve is perfection!
2020-06-19 16:12
great scene, but unfocused on the underwear bulge reveal
2018-10-22 01:07
The first time I saw Logan was as an elder Mormon boy. At the time he seems a frightened handsome young lad, not knowing what was to be expected by the older men he had t deal with. At NDS he is a more than handsome boy that seduces a friend of his brother's and he does it in a magnificent way. Steve Rogers starts as a shy big handsome stud here, but gets more and more into Logan's seductive play and finally gives himself completely and has the time of his life as it seems. One thing's for sure: Logan knows perfectly how to handle a muscular big stallion like Steve Rogers here. The close ups of Logan's pretty mouth taking Steve's big fat veiny cock all the way in are gorgeous. The handsome lad enjoys the taste of every single inch. The gagging and  the going on step by step is so fucking hot. This way of going is loosening Steve, it shows. Love his smooth shaven pubes just above the base of his huge mantool. The deep plowing of the smaller boy's tight asshole is great, love the face of this guy in complete agony. Watching Steve while pounding his partner makes me so hot. Pity is the bad skin of his back, but no complaints, the guy looks perfect all in all. This scene between a huge guy and a much smaller one is great.
2018-08-01 04:29
One of the all time best fuck scenes.   Great paring. They were obviously into each other or truly great actors.  Wish more scenes had guys with really stiff cocks like Steve's.
It was such a pleasure to watch.  And Logan was so receptive.  So real!
2018-05-28 13:13
Logan Cross Is Hot, finally this site has a good looking model. All they need is to replace all these other ugly fuckers with as cute of guys as he is.
2018-01-11 23:25
LMFAO!!!  You have got to be kidding me. Steve Rogers....UGLY!!!  You must not be a GAY man.
2018-01-17 08:15
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