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Two hot boys, outside on a hot day. Sunning, laughing, enjoying each other's company. When Alex Waters jumps into the pool, he wants his friend Marcus Mojo to join him. But Marcus says he can't swim. After some prodding, Marcus jumps in to give it a go. To Alex's horror, Marcus sinks fast in deep water. Now Alex must revive his friend or the worst possibility could become a reality.

But the mouth-to-mouth works! Alex feels like a hero when Marcus coughs up water and is fully revived. In fact he's so happy, he's comfortable enough to stick his stiff cock into Marcus's eager mouth. A little celebration after a near-death experience is a perfect hero's reward. In addition, Marcus is bending this sexy, blonde boy over to taste his sweet ass. Then the two are really cranking up the action in a steamy, summertime sixty nine session. After these hotties blow their hot cumloads on each other, watch Alex get totally punked when Marcus reveals a little secret he's been giggling to himself about the whole time!


Marcus Mojo

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Blondes have more fun! These blonde studs are so damn hot, I'd let either or both do me, then I'd drink their cum. Alex, I want you. Marcus, your muscles need my cum sprayed all across them. You guys are the best!
2015-07-05 03:51
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