Taking The Cake

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Andre Donovan always makes the most of his birthday. This year, he's made sure not to invite any guests over to help him celebrate...except for one. Chris Harder is a little surprised to find out it's just the two of them. But when Andre explains that all he wants for his birthday is to 'do' Chris, it makes a lot more sense!

When Andre sees that Chris gets the picture and is on board for some sexy birthday fun, he grabs Chris by the shirt and pulls him close for a passionate kiss. Chris pulls Andre's jeans down and squeezes on his fattening cock. When the moment is just right, Chris goes to his knees for a taste of Andre's enormous erection. He can barely fit the whole thing in his mouth! It's a good thing Chris knows how to handle giant dicks. And he's glad Andre wanted him to suck on his!

The guys end up on the bed, where Andre takes the liberty of licking Chris's tight hole. It's so nice and puckered, just the type of ass Andre likes to fuck. He doesn't want to seem too forward with Chris, but hey, it IS his birthday. Andre is excited and a little relieved to find that Chris is totally down to get pounded by that large Ebony dong.

Watch Andre wreck Chris's ass several ways, until Chris blows a huge load all over his own chest. Then watch Andre give Chris a nice shot of birthday frosting, all over his handsome face!

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I wish they had put this fyn ass looking brother with an white guy who had a tight body and is attractive.  Andre is too hot to be paired with someone so unattractive, yo.
2018-04-23 19:48
The plot is unusual. However, these two men are absolutely SEXY. Chris with his hairy chest and cock bush is indeed super HOT!  I have cum several times watching these 2 studs making out.
2017-11-30 19:55
Chris Harder is dammned hot, he has such a lovely hairy chest to adore, love Chris his chest !! Good pair with Andre Donovan, very hot video, mu compliments EBONY, plse more soon on Chris Harder and Donovan !
2016-11-13 10:32
While I think this scene is hot, this could have been so much hotter if Andre Donovan had bottomed as well.
2016-08-25 08:17
Two very sexy guys. A well-haired body. A Powerful cock, a tight as and a brilliant change between tender and rough. A lot of cum on a desiring face. Nearly perfect.Hot, hot, hot! More please and interracial!!
2016-08-24 00:26
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