Taste My Cookies

  • : 05-14-2013 |
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Brayden Michaels is a boy scout with determination. His troop, Troop 9, has engaged door-to-door cookie sale to raise money for things like new compasses, night crawlers, and clay for pottery hour. With a box of this season's finest, Brayden sets out to earn a top badge in fundraising!

Brayden's a little nervous. He's heard stories from other scouts about men who live in the neighborhood. Some of the stories are fun, but some are scary. When Jake Farren answers the door at a big house on the hill, Brayden is hopeful. Jake seems nice and looks like a guy that enjoys a good cookie. When he invites Brayden inside, Brayden figures this might be a guaranteed sale! As he shows Jake the varieties of cookies, Jake takes his pants off and stands before Brayden in only his undies. 'What are you doing?!' Brayden asks him. Jake sits on the bed close to Brayden and puts his hand near Jake's penis. 'I have to go!' Brayden says, but it's too late. Jake has taken down his underwear and somehow Brayden's hand has wound up on Jake's pulsating erection! What's a scout to do?! Brayden figures he needs a sale if he's ever gonna get that fundraising badge. He bends down and puts his mouth around Jake's cock, licking and sucking. Brayden likes how it tastes; sweet, kinda like cookies. Then Jake sucks on Brayden's dick. Brayden enjoys the warm sensation. Then, after Jake sticks his tongue in and all round Brayden's sweet, tender hole, he lays him down and shoves his giant dong inside the eager scout. Watch this cookie sale turn very hot as this scout gets more than he bargained for!


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Great scene. Great scout program!!
2016-08-15 17:12
Wait you can multi-task. No, I don't have time for dick. But Boy Scouts are know for their ingenuity - so not ONLY can you sell cookies...you can sell ASS too. Well, gee I think I can... I know I can...fuck it, I will.
2016-08-12 12:17
Everything about this scene is great: the really good set up plot, the oral, the anal and the big loads at the end. Unlike most videos, this scene devoted a good amount of time to Jake prepping Brayden for his upcoming fuck. Jake rims Brayden with the tip of Jake's tongue actually going up into Brayden's butt. Jake fingers Brayden. Jake repeatedly spits copious amounts of his saliva into Brayden's open asshole. By the end of this extensive prepping, boy scout Brayden's ass is craving cock, and then does he ever get it.
2016-07-16 23:59
Brayden shot one huge load of cum while riding Jake's big dick. Jake then shot a big load of cum thereafter, showing that both models were really into this scene. A good sequel would be to have Brayden go on a camping trip with his fellow boy scouts and and to share with them his newly acquired skills to suck cock and take dick up his ass. I'm sure that would make him very popular with his fellow scouts! Another good sequel would be to have Brayden visit Jake's friends one by one to sell more cookies. He would surely win the cookie selling contest and have a sore butt in the end!
2016-03-13 00:22
Pretty good.
2015-07-17 22:15
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