Tax Bump

  • : 10-25-2018 |
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With the pressure of filing weighing on his shoulders, Donte Thick is even more stressed because he seems to missing crucial documents. Luckily roomie Nicholas Ryder has a solution to both of his problems. He locates the receipts for Donte, and then gets to work on Donte's nerves. And by nerves, of course, we mean his penis. Nicholas whips out Donte's dong and goes to town, as Donte sets his paperwork aside and obliges him, shoving his cock deep down Nicholas' thoat. Switiching it up, Donte shows Nicholas how it's done, gagging on Nick's dick and messily spitting all over the shaft while he strokes himself off. Nicholas is rock hard and ready to get fucked, so Donte bends his bubble butt over the desk and goes to pound town, sliding his bareback cock deep into Nicholas' hole. Nicholas learns his way all around Donte's office as his roomie long dicks him every which way he pleases, before pulling out and blasting him with his load as Nicholas spits his all over himself. Enjoy!

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Sorry - just awful too shaved - men should not look like this!
2019-07-20 14:37
Awesome scene! Donte Thick as always was a great bareback top! I loved that in this scene he seemed more aggressive and really fucked that bottom deep and rough. The bottom was great too! He kept telling Donte how much he loved his big fat raw cock up his ass
2019-02-22 20:47
I mostly agree with the comments about Cameron. However, this was his best scene, which the bar is pretty low at this point. Donte LOVES rimming, so why  no rimming. Two very hot models made the scene work. While Donte and Nicolas were giving blow jobs, you couldn't see what they were doing...what? I did give this a thumbs up, because all in all it worked. But when you have customers CONSTANTLY complaining or asking why no rimming in Cameron's scenes you should probably incorporate that in them, just saying. Again, I think Cameron is awesome in front of the  camera, just not necessarily behind it.
2018-11-10 13:37
Hot scene!  Dante showed his appreciation for Nicholas finding his tax receipt by fucking Nicholas' ass, which Nicholas enjoyed very much.
2018-10-27 20:57
Two of my favourite guys ...... beautiful. Apart from the two guys being really handsome, I love Donte's hairy pecs and Nicholas' massive ass and thighs ..... soooo delicious! And Donte breeding Nicholas ...... totally hot! Thanks NDS.
2018-10-27 05:33
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