That Summer

  • : 01-21-2023 |
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Country-boy, Carter Woods, hires city-boy, Ryder Owens, to help him around his ranch for the summer. But, as the summer progresses, the two find more out about themselves than they ever expected and eventually... sparks fly.



OMG This encounter during the summer, was a blockbuster with both of my favorite man. As soon as Carter Woods as the boss met his new worker Ryder Owens it was love at first sight watching those 2 guys. Carter Woods gave the instructions for working at his place and on one day in the house after a short talk, and when both guys getting undressed, I was breathless to see how sexy both guys are. Carter Woods his male body is so hot, love his tattoed chest, perky and sensitive nipples and his uncut banana dick is so massive too. Was great to watch how sexy Ryder, is sucking off that huge cock of Carter Woods and finally he got fucked to very hard bareback by him. Carter Woods is gorgeous and loves to fuck man very hard as a top and Ryder Owens enjoys that huge cock too. Great video and I want to see both men soon back on stage.
2023-01-28 22:39
Fantastic scene, Carter and Ryder did an great job. It was so nice to be engaged and not find myself rolling my eyes when the acting started. I also want to say great job from the Director and camera crew, that really makes or breaks the movie. I didn't want the story and scene to end, I really hope there is a part two to this story !!
2023-01-28 03:24
I have read your comment and agree with you, this video The Summer, was a blockbuster with 2 most favorite man Carter Woods and Ryder. Both guys are gorgeous, their male bodies are so hot and their uncut banana dicks are so massive and huge. I am looking forward for the 2nd part of this video The Summer, where Carter Woods fell in love again with Ryder owens.
2023-01-28 22:43
Excellent scene, absolutely wonderful and beautiful. Kept my attention the entire time. Almost a Hollywood Production. Great, great, great!
2023-01-26 18:19
Master The Details - Its Hot
Beautiful story of awakening. Im so happy Ryder let it be known he was gay early on into the film. The build up to the sexual encounter was palpable and made perfect sense to me that Carter was the submissive partner, engaging in something totally new in his life in addition to having not had that loving touch since his wife had passed. I love the films addition to your already extensive variety of entertainment options. Great work from models, directors and producers and all the others who contributed to the making of this wonderful film.
2023-01-25 11:58
Fantastic film. Ryder Owens is hot as fuck. Would love to see more of him
Maybe in a prequel where his boyfriend "kicks him to the curb"
Then some sequels
1 where he goes back to city life without the cowboy
2 Where he realizes he cant do life without the cowboy and they're back for round 2
Either way more of him please
2023-01-23 21:30
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