The Best Medicine

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Featuring Rod Daily, Cody Allen
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Dr. Rod Daily is a well-trained physician who delivers only the most brilliant diagnoses. Another fact is that this Doctor is quite mad. Yes, if you seek a certain remedy or medicine for a particular ailment, you can't get a recommendation from Dr. Daily without performing oral sex first. And if you think that's a heavy blow to weather, the Doctor often requires something else. For strong men of desirable proportion, Dr. Daily will need a cock in the ass before writing up anything the pharmacist will honor. That's why Cody Allen is paying our Dr. Daily a visit this afternoon. You see, Cody is need of a card that will allow him to buy grass. It's a common thing for boys to have these days, as the Doctor tells Cody. It's no problem to write up quickly. But Cody already knows the requirements. He was referred by a friend who spoke nothing but highly of Dr. Daily's own physical assets. Cody came to the office today not only to get a recommendation, but also to taste the Doctor's hard, firm cock. He also heard his asshole is very conducive for repeated licking. Most of all, Cody came here to fuck muscular Dr. Daily, right on his examination table. Find out if Cody's hard pounding is enough to convince the Doctor to hook him up with a script for some giggle bush.Enjoy!

Rod Daily

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Definitely one of the best scenes! Rod's cumshot while getting fucked was captured greatly: the wide angle last a while so we both enjoy his facial expression and the penetration at the same time!
2022-10-29 03:11
Cody is stunning!
2020-09-25 12:53
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