The Faker

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When Chris Blades comes home to find porn running in the living room, he realizes roomie Charlie Pattinson has been bullshitting him about being sick. He enters Charlie's room to find him in bed pretending to be tired, but when he rouses Charlie's covers and tells him to get up, he instead finds his roommate naked and ready for action. Chris asks Charlie if he needs a remedy for what's ailing him, already working his way down Charlie's body to his waistline. Looking Charlie in the eye, he takes the cock in front of him gently between hilips, giving his roommate slow head as Charlie gets hard inside his mouth. Chris begins to stroke himself off at the thought of Charlie's dick pounding his hole, and Charlie is getting more and more comfortable at the idea of his roommate sucking him off, returning the favor before fucking Chris all over the bed. Charlie gives him everything he has, fucking Chris missionary before letting him mount his bareback dick. Chris rides like a pro as he strokes himself, and Charlie bounces his ass up and down on his cock as Chris loses his nut all over himsef. Charlie keeps fucking Chris from behind as Chris quivers from his orgasm, and the tension in Chris' hole makes Charlie ready to burst, so he pulls out and nuts all over Chris' ass. As he falls back on the pillow, he realizes Chris is right, and that he suddenly feels much, much better.

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Charlie Pattinson could be taking out the garbage and he'd be hot.  I like seeing him in all these scenes here.  For those saying he should bottom, he did bottom on another site prior to coming to NextDoor, I believe, and it was his last scene.  So I don't think he likes to bottom.  Fine with me.  I find him super attractive and the straight looking guy who'll play with a guy - just my type.
2019-02-04 23:17
can we quit with all the hateful comments.its just porn.dont people have day jobs.i thought at first it was a soul patch lol.give him a little break.lets please be kinder to each other.peace.
2018-03-16 20:57
WTF is on Chris' lip. That is disgusting. I wouldn't touch that with someone else's mouth. Should have waited to film this scene until that shit went away.
2018-03-13 22:57
Bit of a boring scene, how about Charlie bottoming every now and then?  He is sexy as hell and I think he would make a great bottom.
2018-03-09 23:41
Charlie has a sweet asshole!
2018-03-09 19:35
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