The Hole Encounter

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All Cody Cummings is trying to do is take a simple piss after his work-out. Not looking for any trouble or entanglements. But Billy London has other ideas. While he didn't follow Cody into the locker room specifically, he's been known to try his luck there once or twice before, and wouldn't you know it- today he's struck paydirt. He and Cody make eye contact as he enters the stall and he suspects that Cody is willing, so he taps on the hole, demanding Cody's cock, and after a short time deliberating, Cody obliges. Billy guides the cock through the hole and into his waiting mouth, as Cody emits a satisfied moan, low and rumbling. He fucks Billy's mouth like that for a while, before Billy comes out to meet face to face. Billy has his cock in his hand as he opens the door, and Cody licks his palm and begins to stroke in earnest as Billy does the same, losing his load in an unexpected spurt as Cody follows suit and blasts the floor with a load of his own, before both guys go their separate ways. Not sure who has to clean up the locker room but they're not going to be too happy.


Cody Cummings

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Martin | Admin
ADMIN - Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately when you search a keyword in the search bar the site will pull up a list of all scenes with that word in the description. Scene categories you can expect to see will be written below the video, right beneath the scene update date. In this case: Amateur, Oral, etc.. Unfortunately you may not have much luck finding "piss" videos on NDS. - Martin
2015-11-25 16:03
There are a number of videos listed in a 'piss' scene category. This is the second one I've watched in this category. I commented in that one and here. There was no piss in either one. Or is there something I'm supposed to be clicking on to see them piss?
2015-11-24 10:55
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