The House Boy

  • : 07-28-2017 |
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Quentin Gainz and boyfriend Roman Todd are looking to hire some help around the house, and when they stumble across Tyler Carver's application, they are pretty sure they've found their man. All that remains is for them to conduct a face to face interview to make sure Tyler is a good fit for them. Upon meeting him, their original assumptions prove true, as Tyler nails every part of the interview. Quentin and Roman are ready to offer him the job, but first there's one last qualification they need to check. Moving together to sit next to Tyler on the sofa, Quentin and Roman each place a hand on his thigh, sliding their hands up his pant leg to see what he's working with. Tyler is visibly nervous, and Roman asks him if he knows what a house boy does. Tyler says sure, and communicates to them that he's ok with this, and so Roman and Quentin commence to breaking in their new employee, as Quentin strips him out of his shorts and begins to suck him off as Roman fondles his upper body, also working his way out of his shorts. Setting Tyler up between them, Quentin moves on to eating Tyler's ass while Roman feeds him his hard cock, and after moistening up his hole, Quentin plunges his raw cock deep into Tyler, pounding him bareback from behind while Roman continues to gag him with cock on the front end. Now good and hard, Roman wants to get a piece of Tyler's ass, so he has Tyler mount him, and proceeds to work Tyler's hole from beneath, before laying him out on his back. Quentin and Roman then take turns pounding Tyler's hole raw as he strokes himself hard, and satisfied that the arrangement will work out, they pull out and both blast him with a double facial as Tyler strokes his own load all over himself. Cum covered, Roman tells Tyler he's got the job, and that he can expect many more days like this one in the future. Enjoy!

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One of the very best three-ways EVER.  Three really sexy guys in a great sex scene.  Great camera work and terrific directing.
2019-05-12 19:38
Cum shots were weak
2019-02-09 05:26
Agree. all 3 men are amazing hot...Roman Todd, TYLER and Quentin Gainz are my favorites !!
2018-09-06 00:12
Let's see: pre-cum stains on Carver's shorts, his beautiful hairy butt and thighs, Todd's so suckable cockhead and his hurtingly hard erection, not to mention that luminous skin and underplayed sex talk and the gorgeous Gainz not being let loose and more or less playing second fiddle, but still so hot to watch--good stuff, gang. By the way, eating Carver's hairy asshole would be fucking great, not to mention playing with that huge ass.
2017-10-15 20:29
I  may  need  to  consider  a  job  change , being  a  houseboy  looks  like  more  fun  than  my  current  employment !  A  three-way  is  so  fucking  hot , especially  when  the  guys  are  so  dam  gorgeous !  I  do  agree  with  a  previous  comment  though ...... cum  eating  would  have  made  the  scene  perfect !  Still  gotta  give  it  a  9 !  Kudos  all  round !
2017-10-11 21:35
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