The New Guy

  • : 06-04-2010 |
  • : 24619
Featuring Tommy D, Jay Cloud
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What's better than hot guy-on-guy porn? A fresh 18 year old that's never had any gay experience in his life, that's what! And lucky for Tommy, Jay Cloud was all his to break in.

We decided it'd be best to take it easy on this young guy at first, so we hooked him up with Mr. D for a nice relaxing massage scene. After rubbing the hunks back, Tommy slides the towel off of his new buddies back and goes straight for the touchdown, grabbing Jay's MASSIVE 18 year old cock and giving it a good stroking, and then sucking, before the young guy just can't hold out any longer and tenses up while his huge shaft spews his tasty sperm.


Tommy D XXX

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1 comment

Who got "broken in" in this video...just a couple of wankers...boring.
2015-03-16 18:57
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