The New Next Door Neighbor

  • : 09-21-2016 |
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With a knock on the door, Johnny Riley introduces himself to new hunky neighbor Markie More. Markie is still settling in, but Johnny seems impervious to this fact, inviting himself in and making himself at home. When Markie excuses himself to take a phone call, he returns to find Johnny rifling around in his closet, going through his clothes and sniffing his underwear. Markie finds this endearingly sweet, and rather than getting upset, he asks Johnny if this is regular behavior.

Johnny kisses him on the mouth as they fall back onto Markie's chaise, and works his way down Markie's body. Pulling out Markie's cock, Johnny realizes Markie's assets are not just on display around the room, and he takes Markie's perfect cock into his mouth, sucking his neighbor off as Markie smiles and goes along for the ride. Shifting around and straddling Markie's face, Johnny grinds his hole on Markie's tongue as Markie steadies himself to fuck Johnny good and proper.With his cock ready for action, Markie bends Johnny over and fucks him raw from behind, smacking Johnny on his bubble butt before grabbing him by the waist and pounding him even harder. Johnny takes the dick like a champ as Markie fucks him all over the living room, and as Markie fucks him missionary he spits his load all over himself. Markie keeps fucking, seeding Johnny's hole from behind before pulling out and watching his load ooze out of Johnny slowly. Smiling and exhausted, Johnny realizes he's gonna get along with the new neighbor just fine.


Next Door Raw

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Creampies are sooo underrated
2019-12-06 09:37
If only more scenes could end this way with an internal creampie cum shot.
2019-02-02 22:19

God  dam ........  that  was  one  hot  fucking  scene !!  Wish  I  had  a  neighbor  like  that !  Mine  is  a  huge  pain  in  my  ass !  Wasn't  sure   about  Mr. Riley  the  first  time  I  watched  him  in  a  scene  but  I've  changed  my  mind  watching  him   here , although  his  pairing  with  Johnny  Torque  was  pretty  awesome .  I  must  say  he  outdid  himself  here !  Of  course  he  had  an  excellent  partner  in  Markie !  Mr. More  has  one  of  the  best  chests  at  Next Door .  (  along  with  Quentin  Gainz  )  Both  guys  are  among  my  five  absolute  favorites ! 

Keep  up  the  amazing  work  guys !!   Next Door  is  still  the  BEST  gay  site  around , I  don't  care  what  anyone  says !!

2017-04-12 15:39
My favorite scene of Markie so far. 
We need a LOT more imternal cum shots. Please....please...
2017-03-31 10:56
I'll  second  that  and  I'll  even  add  another  Please !!
2017-04-12 15:40
Amazing finish!!
2016-12-07 19:08
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