The Pastor's Son

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As Ian sits with his hands folded and eyes closed, Pastor Peterson finishes up Sunday morning service with a prayer. The Pastor's son, Rod Peterson, sits behind Ian, over his left shoulder. Ian has the strange feeling that eyes are on him during the final moments of the prayer. He turns around slightly and notices Rod is staring at him intently.

When the prayer wraps up and the congregation filters out into the foyer, Ian goes into the bathroom to relieve himself. Rod sees this as an opportunity. He hurries everyone out into the garden and locks the door to the sanctuary. When Ian emerges, he and Rod are alone. Ian asks Rod about the stares during the service.

The night before, Ian thought he was sending someone from an anonymous chat room nudes of himself, along with a message about how much he'd like to have sex with a man. It turns out, however, the anonymous guy was actually Rod, the Pastor's son! Rod works his way up to telling Ian that it was him, and Ian is completely shocked. But Rod has been planning to make Ian feel at ease.

He starts by telling Ian that the two of them have the same inclinations. Rod moves in close and the two kiss passionately. Soon they're sitting on a pew, making out and undressing each other. Ian doesn't waste much time before going down and taking Rod's dick into his mouth. Wow, Rod's hard cock tastes better than he could have imagined. Rod can't believe the church goody-two-shoes is slobbing his knob!

Next, Rod gets a taste of Ian's fine dick. Then he turns him around and licks his sweet hole. He gets it nice and wet for what's next -- Rod's big, throbbing erection. Rod slides it in carefully at first, then works up to a good, hard pounding. After slamming Ian from behind for a while, Rod lays down on the pew and lets Ian take a ride. Watch Ian and Rod connect on a brand new level for the first time as they discover how much fun church activities can really be!

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I love this scene. Ian is so adorable. This one really resonates with me as my first sexual experience was with the pastor's son in the church building.  He too was an older  man - he was 12 and I was 10. It was great and continued until they moved away.  This was the only positive experience I ever had with religion and I did manage to escape. Thanks for a great job, NDS.
2019-08-23 20:07
Two beautiful hunks with flawless skin - no midway-freak tattoos - what a pleasure and what a refreshing change. more of these two together, please. More dirty talk would really enhance the scene.
2016-08-10 20:25
Rod Peterson in any video is just not worth the time. I keep hoping that this seemingly "gay for pay" type would at least work a little harder for his money. He is on several websites and for me, he's a big disappointment. Not even good at faking it. Doesn't look like he's sucking on it with much enthusiasm either. Needs to go back to Sex 101 class.
2016-05-22 00:49
I gotta say I do look like it when the guys kiss passionately. I don't know for some reason this time I had to totally skip it as they either didn't want to do it or just didn't know how to kiss each other. If you get what I mean. But the sex good/average. Rod has to tone down the fake tan though.
2016-02-16 22:53
DAMN , I'm hot for the preachers boy !!
2016-01-08 16:17
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