The Prelude

  • : 11-28-2012 |
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In an impromptu situation, we find Cody Cummings and Heather Vahn prepping for their scene later in the afternoon. Cody watches as Heather applies her makeup and finds an outfit for the scene. While he watches her, his cock swells in his pants as she bends over to sort through her suitcase. Overwhelmed by his lust, he throws her down on the bed and pulls her panties off. Despite her protests to save it for the screen, he continues, pulling out his cock and shoving it down her throat as he slips two fingers inside of her. She moans as he caresses her and she takes the head of his cock deeper down her throat, before he decides to risk the scene and go for his nut. Sliding his cock inside of her, she grabs his ass and pulls him in deeper, and as he kisses her neck, he thrusts repeatedly, grinding on her and slapping her with his balls. She flips him over and rides him, playing with his balls as he tries not to cum to no avail- she dismounts him just in time as he explodes all over her. Looks like he'll have to figure something else out for the scene!Enjoy!

Cody Cummings

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i am a romantic by heart can't help it. This doesn't look like porn to me. The way he holds her, kisses her and wrapped his arms around her it looks like he really got taken over by passion. just loved this scene
2016-04-11 09:45
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