The Reunion: Wet Seduction

  • : 10-16-2015 |
  • : 22045
Featuring Dante Martin, Arad
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As the weekend kicks into full swing, almost everyone has made it back home. Johnny found Arad and Dante in town, and after the ruckus of the afternoon bar-b-que, things are starting to quiet back down around the house, as Arad and Dante wind down by the pool. The moon shimmers off the water as Dante catches Arad up on all of the latest gossip. Without warning, Dante sheds his shorts and hops into the pool, goading Arad to do the same. Arad is hesitant but complies, and the brisk water invigorates both of them, charging them with renewed energy.

After years of subdued urges and a secret crush on Arad, Dante finally just throws caution to the wind and makes his move on Arad, swimming over to him as he leans on the pool ledge. Maybe it's the moment, or maybe the feeling has always been reciprocal, but for whatever reason, Arad does not resist, and Dante throws his arms around Arad and they share a kiss in the pool.

Ever the opportunist, Dante immediately goes to Arad's cock, slowly growing harder to Dante's touch, and becoming fully erect as Dante slips his lips around its head. Dante deep throats as Arad pushes his head down the shaft. Dante gags and sucks Arad's balls, and then they set up poolside on a towel as Arad returns the favor, before flipping Dante over and plunging his cock deep inside the bubble butt before him. Arad pounds away as Dante savors every moment, flipping around onto his back as Arad continues to thrust away, admiring every inch of Arad's beautiful physique, and taking every inch of his pounding penis.

Dante cums all over himself as Arad pulls out and shoots a hefty load all over him, rolling back into the pool together to refresh from their messy and long overdue liason.


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Why are you doing more like this? Thius scenario, as in this whole series is super hot!
2020-04-08 22:29
when is Arad going to do bareback or a solo.
2016-12-10 17:51
whos the guy at the beginning with the white t shirt and cap on??
2016-09-09 09:32
ADMIN - That's our man Johnny Torque! - Martin
2016-09-28 16:54
Arad makes be go apeshit - I want his beautiful, muscular body. Watching him fuck is so incredibly hot.
2016-09-01 15:14
This movie is so hot. The atmosphere created by legit nigh-time, the sound of the bugs and the water in the pool all contribute to it. The guys look incredible sexy, the bulging muscle of Arad and Dante makes the scene incredible hot. Love how Arad fucks Dante from behind while grabbing his bubble ass then his round pecs and kisses him. Fantastic direction. If only that last bit at the end would have been cut out. It ruins the fantasy a bit, but just a bit. Still very well done video. Love it.
2016-08-08 11:27
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