The Wrestlers

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Shawn Allen sat nervously on the weight bench. It was only a day ago that he found the crumpled flyer in his pocket that offered 'FREE wrestling lessons!' A voice on the other end of the line told him in a breathy affect where to be and when.

The voice was Kip Ryker's. Kip and a boy by the name of Ben Daniels were already waiting for Shawn when he showed up. Ben had read about the meeting on Craigslist. The three remained silent for a while. Finally, Kip motioned with his head for Shawn to come closer to him. Shawn did and the sexual chemistry became too much to continue ignoring. They embraced and kissed with tongues. Ben watched and rubbed himself for a few moments, enjoying the unexpected eruption of sensual energy between these two.

Shawn had come to the mysterious, out-of-the-way gym to learn some grappling moves that might serve him well in a street fight. He was tired of the bullies behind the skating rink yelling embarrassing, insulting remarks at him on his way home from school. Ben's motivation was a little different. He thought it would be a chance to roll around with some hot guys in tights. Ben was certainly pleased when he realized the meeting was turning into a sexual, three-way hookup. He joined Shawn and Kip, taking time to kiss them both. Then Shawn sat down and took Ben's large dick out. As he did this, Kip pulled out Shawn's cock and began sucking it deeply. Shawn worked his mouth around Ben's wang, slurping and bobbing. Shawn decided he wanted both fat cocks inside his holes at once. He laid down and allowed Instructor Kip to slide his mammoth erection into his tight ass. Ben fucked Shawn's face while Kip slammed the other side hard. Before it's all over, witness Shawn take a warm, cum facial. Goodness knows what next week's lesson will bring.


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With attractive young models and good sex, this video had the potential to be a good gay twink wrestling video. But the plot and the foreplay were all in the written description of the video which went straight into the sex. A few minutes of plot and foreplay make the video hotter. To illustrate the point, take a look back at two recent nextdoortwink videos also involving gay twink wrestling, The Initiation and All the Right Moves. Because they had some plot and foreplay, the sex between the attractive models was enhanced. Of late, the nextdoortwink videos have been relegating the plot and video the the written description of the video and keeping it out of the video itself. Bring back a few minutes of plot and foreplay!
2014-03-08 23:30
Agree. Foreplay can be just as hot as real sex itself
2014-04-20 10:25
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