Torque That Ass

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For Johnny Torque, hard times are settling in, as he reconciles the reality that he just fucked everyone he can possibly fuck. Watching yet another scene of his get cut for lack of a bottom willing to take the pounding, Torque finds himself at a cross-roads of sorts, which is how Markie More finds him: spaced out, pondering his options, looking lost. Markie asks him what's up and Johnny tells Markie he's considering bottoming for the first time. Now anyone who has been around knows that is no small admission, and Markie doesn't believe his own ears the first time so he makes Johnny repeat himself just to be sure. Johnny confirms that he's thinking about it, just as director Rocco informs Johnny that yet another bottom has canceled out on the Torque Experience.

With his decision all but made for him, Johnny relents as Markie tells him to just go with it. They embrace and Markie quickly goes down on Johnny, sucking him until he's hot and horny to fuck. Johnny returns the favor, and they 69 each other until Markie is nice and hard, whereupon he bends Johnny over and slowly eases his raw cock inside Johnny's virgin hole. Taking it easy at first, Johnny asks if Markie is all the way in. Markie laughs and tells him it's just the tip, then proceeds to slide the rest of it in. Johnny's eyes bulge as Markie's cock resonates inside him, but he has to admit, it doesn't feel unpleasurable, and so Markie continues, boning Johnny from behind and slowly breaking him in. Johnny flips over and mounts Markie, riding the length of his hard cock up and down, stroking himself in the process. After fucking hard reverse cowboy, Markie puts Johnny in his favorite position, which is just straight missionary while Johnny strokes his cock, as Markie proceeds to fuck Johnny as hard as he can take it, and Johnny screams with every hard thrust. Johnny tells Markie to flip him back over again and he rides Markie one last time, letting loose a load years in the making as Markie continues to pound away, before Markie pulls out, blasts Johnny's hole with his own load and sticks his messy cock right back in Johnny's hole to continue the initiation.


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i wanna sniff johnny's armpits when he is getting fucked. so hot to see him that way. 
2020-03-31 18:48
I think they should have flipped
2018-03-26 11:46
Let me start by saying GREAT scene & performance by both.   Johnny it's nice to see you can take as good as you give.  That being said...I don't know of a virgin ass that can take 20+ minutes of work with what appeared to be no lube.  This may be the first on camera but I'm having trouble with the FIRST TIME ever.  I also would have given the scene 2 thumbs up.  Markie did take it easy on Johnny and  as always it a pro.   Is Johnny's status going to go versatile ? I hope  so!
2017-02-16 08:18

BRAVO  JOHNNY !!  Excellent  scene  guys , Johnny  could  not  have  asked  for  a  better  partner  for  his  first  ass - ponding  than  Markie  More  !  These  two  stunning  examples  of  manhood  are  the  reason  I  subscribe  to the  site !  ( But  if  I'm  to  be  totally  honest  there  are  a  few  others  that  come  to  mind )

I've  never  been  one  of  those  fans  that  thought  all  the  models  should  do  " everything " .  There  are  comfort  zones  involved  and  no one  should  have  to  do  anything  they  are  not  comfortable  doing.  I'm  so  glad  Johnny  decided  to  give  bottoming  a  shot ....... I  for  one  was  impressed  and  excited  with  their  performances !  I  was  hard  the  second  Markie  penetrated  Johnny's  sweet  little  ass  !  I  seriously  thought  I'd  never  see  the  day , I  can  now  die  a  happy  man !  This  scene  will  be  going  into  my  favorites  and  will  be  watched  many  many  times  in  the  future.  I  can  only  hope  there  will  be  others  to  add  to  this  one.  I  was  thinking  of  a  pairing  with   Quintin , another  reason  I  subscribe  to  Next Door .  A  guy  can  dream  can't  he ?  I  would  have  given  the  scene  two  thumbs  up ,  but  alas  that's  not  allowed.  Still  a  stellar  scene  gentlemen !!

As  a  side  note  I'd  just  like  to  say  that  the  improvements  made  to  the  site  are  awesome !  I  didn't  think  you  could  make  it  any  better  but  you  proved  me  wrong !  Thanks  for  the  great  job !

2016-12-22 09:50
He stayed hard the whole time while getting fycked.
2016-09-21 00:53
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