Triple Dare

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Happy couple Trevor Laster and his boy toy Jackson Taylor are prepping for a house guest one afternoon. And by prepping, that of course, means scheming. Plotting a way to get new friend Jaques LeCoque out his jeans and into their mouths. Prepping for a silly old game of Truth or Dare, Jackson and Trevor are giggly in anticipation of Jacques arrival. For his part, Jacques is a pretty open minded guy, but when his new friends suggest he try getting his dick sucked by a guy, Jacques is skeptical, but he figures “What the hell?” so he gives it a try. To his surprise, as Jackson starts to swallow him, he realizes it feels fucking amazing. Jackson deep throats him all the way down to shaft and Jacques' legs almost buckle as Trevor tongues Jackson's ass. Sliding his cock in while Jackson sucks Jacques off, Trevor pounds away at his boyfriends ass, smashing his face deeper and deeper into Jacques' pelvis. Then the two of them switch, and Jacques pops his man-cherry as Jackson moans from the size of Jacques full hard cock. Pumping him like that while Trevor strokes off, Jacques pulls out and Jackson remounts Trevor, riding him as he strokes his dick into cumming oblivion, where Trevor then pulls out and squirts a hot load on Jackson's thigh as Jacques beats off and blows a load in Jackson's face. Sure seems like the dare worked.Enjoy!

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Happy to see Trevor step down from his "I'm a fierce jock top" pedestal. He has such a beautiful basket and ass, he should bottom more often -- without Jackson.
2015-01-04 01:00
Thee great guys having hot fun lots of sucking cock, rimming, a bit of spanking and lots of fucking what more do you want, well done guys.
2014-10-15 12:50
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