Tyler Torro

  • : 01-09-2012 |
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Tyler is resting out underneath the clouds, getting back to mother nature and taking in the simple goodness of the sun's rays, nestled snug and secure in his knapsack one fine day. Turning over in his slumber, he awakens to discover a raging hard on in his underwear. His inhibitions freed by the open air and the feeling that comes with roughing it in the Great Outdoors, Tyler decides to go ahead and indulge his urges. Grabbing his cock at the base and seizing it until it is rock hard, he then decides a little pillow-fuck is in order, before he gets really serious and takes the matter into his own hands. No need for the birds and the bees here, Tyler's got a firm grip on the situation, and he's ready to burst.

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1 comment

WOW love it when Tyler spreds his asscrack exposing his balls and asshole.
2015-01-04 01:14
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