Uber Ass Pounding

  • : 03-21-2018 |
  • : 17386
Featuring Elye Black, Zay Hardy
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When Zay Hardy ordered Chinese, all he thought he was getting was some cheap and fast dinner, but when delivery driver Elye Black shows up at his apartment, Zay quickly realizes he's gotten more than he bargained for. Elye wastes no time seducing Zay with his bubble butt, and Zay's appetite quickly shifts from food to sex as he takes Elye back to his bedroom. Once there, it's Elye who feasts on the sausage in front of him, downing Zay's cock in one deep movement, slobbering all over the tip as he works the balls with his tongue. Zay has forgotten all about dinner now that he's rock hard, and Elye is far from satisfied, so he mounts Zay's cock and takes it for a ride, bouncing up and down as Zay grabs him by the waist. Elye works Zay's bareback cock like a pro, letting Zay fuck his hole any and every way, before finally spitting his load up as Zay continues to pound. Ready to cum himself, Zay pulls out and coats Elye in his special sauce, and Elye rubs it into his skin while smiling, asking Zay if that will complete his order.

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screams desperation
2019-04-02 21:45
Let's talk about the real issue with this scene. The video is awful. Another washed out colorless, blurry mess. Stop this!
2018-06-20 12:59
I do not find Zay's face and beard particularly attractive.  While I have no problem with gay for pay models per se,  I do think that even gay for pay models should suck some dick just to acknowledge that they are doing a gay porn scene.  The plot was not that believable.  However, Elye is one hot twink, who always does a great job bottoming.   Elye  was the star and salvation of this scene.
2018-03-26 22:04
I personally love smooth and shaved guys, makes their bodies and parts stand out more, hair is nasty when long and hanging off balls and shafts! I love seeing Elye getting fucked by an uncut cock and loved him licking Zay's cock and sucking his balls! Would loved to have seen  Elye lick Zay's pretty hole too! You can say all you want about being boring, but Zay has a hot body and who gives a damn if he's not gay???? He is touching a man, shooting his load at Elye's hole and breeding it back into his hole. That's not homophobic my rattled friends. If you think it is, then you need to go back to Gay 101 for some refreshing!  You whiners really get on my nerves with all the bull! If you don't like this, then ND has 16 other sites to enjoy- go there and annoy someone else! I pay for this too and like what I see, If you want hair and bushes everywhere and all the other stuff you whine about, then go to Falcon or Colt Studios and you will get your leatherish lust fulfilled!  Sign me happy with what I pay for!
2018-03-23 23:39
ADMIN - Thanks for sharing your point of view! - Martin
2018-03-26 17:03
You can hardly call this a "pounding", like really NDS? Let alone tag it with uber...  I think its time to go back to early NDS filming philosophy & casting style,  as the majority of these newest releases fall way short of member expectations and in truth, watching them is equally, if not more, frustrating than they are satisfying. Not the ideal result. Just sayin'.  It's fine if these gay for pays don't engage in the mutual foreplay, but if that is absent- then minimum qualification needs to be a truly masculine hottie that really knows how to fuck and can control the scene by giving that bottom a good intense pounding.  Otherwise, they just end up looking lame and uninterested.... scene becomes an automatic fail.
2018-03-22 22:07
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