Virgin Politics

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As his neighbor's son, Chris Blades, casually grills him about his private life, politician Dean Phoenix senses that there's more than just professional curiosity spurring him on. Dean asks Chris what he's trying to get at, and Chris confesses that he's feeling alienated from his friends and family because of his sexual preferences. Dean asks Chris if there's anyone else he can talk to about this issue, and Chris confides that he's thought this over, and conveys his attraction and respect towards Dean. Dean, man of the people, does not turn away a member of his constituency, and instead takes the opportunity to show Chris firsthand all the ins and outs of political life. Chris is happy for the de-briefing, and as he lay on his back naked, he appreciates the delicate candor and diplomacy with which Dean operates, as well as Dean's oral abilities to convey sincerity and sensitivity. Chris appreciates Dean's tact in getting to the bottom of the matter, and discovers that he has a distinct ability to cum out ahead as long as a mentor like Dean is there to show him the way. There's very little debate in Chris' mind that he's chosen the right man for the job.Enjoy!

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Dean Phoenix is as sexy as ever!!!
2022-02-18 16:41
2020-04-09 19:49
More Dean Phoenix. He is hot! Perfect. Thanks.
2017-05-20 17:19
After watching this again I have determined this scene is HOT HOT HOT!!!!  Dean is a very sexy older man and he really complimented the young muscular Chris Blades/Truman. Nice daddy/twink type of scene. Love Chris' innocent/virgin role he plays as he comes over to SEDUCE the gay politician by asking to borrow a drill. Ends up Mr. Blades is the one getting DRILLED. I would say the experienced Dean Phoenix turned out the naive Chris Blades, especially with the oral foreplay. LOVE IT!!!
2017-02-04 13:05
Mature/younger interaction is essential. I agree with several of the others, though age may be an arbiter, there are things those of us past 50 can teach those who aren't. One thing the remember, when those younger than 50 keep living, they will be over 50. What will they have to offer? I am sure experience in making a man a better lover, partner, and husband.
2017-01-25 11:03
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