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Marko LeBeau has made an epic mistake; dressing in the Varsity locker room when one is not a member of the Varsity squad is strictly prohibited and the punishment is simple. Not a member, then you get the Member(s). Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd are well versed on the rules. Having come up in the system, they have made the same mistake and been made to serve the requisite punishment, so they have little compassion for Marko as he pleads his case of innocence. Instead Tyler shoves Marko's face into his sweaty crotch, then makes him repeat the same thing on Brec. Whipping their cocks out, Tyler and Brec take turns fucking Marko's mouth and there is nothing he can do about it. Moving along, Tyler bends Marco over a bench, and while Brec shoves his cock in and out Marko's mouth, Tyler does the same with Marko's ass, instantly realizing when Marko shrieks with pleasure that he enjoys it, and that this is maybe not so much punishment after all. So Tyler puts the pedal to the metal and really tries to fuck Marko extra hard, but the harder he tries, the more Marko seems to love it, as he reaches down and begins stroking his own dick. Marko figures if you can't join them, beat them (off), so he pulls on their cocks longingly until they both cum all over him, whereupon he is so turned on that he cums as well. As he does, Marko thinks to himself, “This is a mistake I'll have to make again very soon.”Enjoy!

Next Door Buddies

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Hot guys/scene. Although, incorrectly wearing shin guards over their socks kinda killed the fantasy.
2021-11-05 21:46
Hot scene !! Tyler Torro is still the man at NextDoor !!! Love Markos body hair, especially his furry ass. This was my first video with Brec Boyd -- I haven't
made my mind up about him yet. Nice package though !
2015-09-03 21:30
The end of the video is so hot! More videos with Marko!
2015-07-05 05:32
Oh yes my phone number is (443) 797-9260 this is Marty OK Tyler Brec and Marko
2014-06-19 18:49
Hello Brec Marko and my favorite Tyler you guys are rally great. I Really love your hairy bodies especially you Marko with all that hair on your especially your ass. I would love to rim you all day and night. I just wished you would take your shoes off I love to suck on toes lick feet lick all of your hairy legs balls asses and armpits. I love a sweaty man that way I can lick the sweat off your bodies and taste your manly scent. I love to suck dicks and get fucked but I want you to cum in my mouth that way I can taste your sweet man nectar. Tyler I would love for you to fuck me for 72 nours I really want your body. My name is Marty Trawinski my address is 39 Oak Crest Court Bel Air Md 21015 email [email protected] I also want a golden shower and have you piss in my mouth so i can drink some.
2014-06-19 18:45
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