Wake and Bang

  • : 01-17-2017 |
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Featuring Rio, Aston
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When Rio returns home from the gym, he finds his lover, Aston, sound asleep. Aston always naps the same way, ass up. Rio has taken advantage of this before, and with his blood still pumping from his workout, he's gonna do it again.

Rio starts out by slowly pulling down Aston's blue undies. Then he gets down and spreads apart those plump cheeks so he can give that tight hole a proper licking. When Aston wakes up and realizes his man is enjoying his ass, he turns around and takes Rio's fat, hard cock in his mouth. He knows just how Rio likes it.

Then Rio lays on his back so Aston can have a taste of his hole now. Oh yeah, Aston sure was hungry for ass after his nap! After Aston sucks more of that mammoth cock, they switch it up so Rio can enjoy Aston's firm erection in his mouth for a while.

And when Rio knows the moment is right, he lifts Aston's legs up and slides his fat dick into that warm hole. Watch Rio work up a nice, steady fucking rhythm, pounding Aston's tender pocket.

Aston decides he wants to go for a ride, so Rio gets on his back to let his lover bounce on that hard meat. Join Rio as he wakes up his boyfriend for some seriously hot action.

Next Door Ebony

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For a site called next door ebony ya'll are unacceptably bad at filming black bodies...
2019-01-24 03:39
That was hot as fuk.  Reno and Too Long, them dudes is sexy together!
2018-04-17 17:12
I have always been a lover of the two men and to finally see them together I can't get enough. The DICKS ARE ON POINT and the both of them are uncut I got my life over and over and over again , now this is my DREAM TEAM AND THEY CAN DO ME  ANY TIME  ANY PLACE .
2017-03-21 07:05
Yes, video much improved. Thank you for listening.
2017-01-26 16:57
I absolutely LOVED this scene. This is what ALL scenes should be like. Hot kissing, hot mutual dick sucking, hot ass eating, blazing fucking, just pure HOTNESS!  Rio is one of my favorite porn stars and it's great seeing him here and he was perfectly cast with another favorite of mine, Aston, who is amazing. The sexy meter went through the roof with this one.  I can't wait for another film from NDE!
2017-01-24 14:39
Rio is Sexy As Hell
2017-02-01 14:57
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