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Featuring Samuel O'Toole
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Samuel O'Toole is cooking up something very hot! It's a smokin' solo session in the empty lounge. He's just coming in from class and he has about an hour before his next one starts. That means only one thing...stroke time! He's warming up with some intense rubbing, fattening up his chubby buddy for a nice, passionate tugging. Then it's off with the undies and down to some slow, erotic squeezing and pulling. Before Sammy knows it, a bit of pre cum has leaked out. Watch him enjoy it by spreading the warmth around the head of that perfect dick. And to get some varying texture, Sammy's fucking the space between two couch cushions, feeling the sensuous friction. And stay 'til the end; Samuel has a thank you to shout out! A very special fan sent him a watch with a request that he wear it during a scene. What a lucky admirer! Enjoy!

Samuel O'Toole

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1 comment

Definitely, I'm totally addicted to his wonderful thick and huge cock.
I'm repeating but his cock head is unique, one of a king and the most beautiful and turning on I ever saw after 30 years on gay porn sites of any kind. I would lick suck stroke that dick for hours and hours and swallow all his cum til the very last drop. I even would like he spread a part of his cum on his ass hole for I lick it all there with my tongue deep in his ass...mmmmmm Gttttt I'm crazy about that cock....I know, I'm addicted to Samuel's cock....
2020-05-23 19:40
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