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It's been months since Daniel Flores has seen his sweet man, Trent King. Trent's in the service and hasn't been deployed this long since the two moved in together. Daniel isn't expecting Trent until tomorrow, but some plans changed and he's come in a day early. Daniel was taking a nap when Trent called to surprise him, so now he'll be surprising him in PERSON!

Daniel wakes to the feeling of another body getting into bed with him. At first, it seems to Daniel to be a dream. But when he feels Trent's warm touch and soft kiss, he knows it's real. They kiss and Trent's hand wanders down to Daniel's growing bulge. Trent smooches and licks his way down Daniel's body, finally arriving at that pulsating, now-hard meat, pulls down Daniel's bright yellow underwear and takes that fat cock into his mouth. He tenderly sucks it for a while, then Daniel turns over so his lover can taste his ass. Then Daniel returns the favor, slurping down on Trent's enormous erection. It's a familiar dick to Daniel, and Trent knows well the feeling of Daniel's caring lips around his throbbing shaft.

Soon after, Trent moves behind Daniel on the bed, both on their sides, and inserts his hard cock into Daniel's hungry hole. Join them for this joyous reunion and celebrate the physical expression of their wondrous love.

Next Door Ebony

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Excellent video.  Both models are very sexy and paired perfectly.  And the storyline is very relevant now that openly gay soldiers can serve in the military.  Great job!
2017-05-04 01:43
These black guys understand how to make love.   Holding the bottom tight with his leg s pulled over his shoulder's and they are kissing the whole time.....so sexy.  Make the white boys do that sometimes.
2017-03-02 23:17
I like the two models both are handsome men of colour. The guys are hot BUT the video plays it too safe I feel not taking risks.  I got to say in 2017 the Ebony section is doing much better than I feel compared to last year. The models are better looking compared to last year but I got some complaints. Why are the top white models not banging black men? Is it because the studio is opposed to this or the white models are?  Also, why are the black and latin models still segregated on Next Door Ebony? For example, why aren't there any men of  colour on the rest of the site?  would love see some of the top white models Markie More or Quentin Ganiz, or Alex Mecum get fucked by a black guy? Alex Mecum did a few videos with black guys last year  with other porn studios so I know he is open to it. The writers or producers at Next Door Ebony the guys are hot but the scenes are stale in terms of the writing.  Martin said Next Door Ebony is filmed on the east coast but does the videos always have to appear so cheap? You see the white side of the site and the models are in luxury in fancy settings in Las Vegas. Yet the ebony site is a cheap hotel room. Come on, stop treating fans of men of colour like this. The director or studio people at Next Door Studios needs to be more creative. How come Next Door Ebony has never had an interracial gang bang?  The studio needs to get three or four white power bottoms fucked by black guys with huge cocks in one video.  I would LOVE to see the white power bottoms like Jake Davis get fucked by a bunch of hung black guys.  I am serious too many one on one videos for my liking. I think this year the studio needs to be more imaginative. This is gay porn right it is FANTASY. So make some fantasies come true. Think outside of the box a bit more Next Door Ebony. I would LOVE to see Mark Long fucked by a black guy. Anyone know if Mark Long is coming back to Next Door or not? I miss him.
2017-02-03 21:41
I'm going to repeat the same comment that I stated on the last update.  There's nothing more boring than a scene that ends with two guys just laying there jacking off.  At least have them
shoot their loads on each other. I notice that you rarely end a scene on any of the other sites this way. But as usual Nextdoor Ebony gets little effort directors.  Geez.  I see this site still hasn't
gotten any better
2017-02-02 08:39
Nice to see men of color that arn't  covered in  distraction  ink.  Like both stars, they did  seem to be into each other and the plot line.  Good lighting also.   Martin  why is it the profiles on most of the Ebony stars  don't  have their stats?
2017-01-31 07:34
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