Welcuming A First Timer

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  • : 11-09-2010 |
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Samuel O'Toole is a kind soul. He's taking his friend Nate Kennedy under his wing. You see Nate's never done porn before and he's a bit apprehensive. He's lucky to have a pro like Samuel around to ease him into the water and make him feel comfortable. Nate tells Samuel that he's only even jerked off with another guy a couple of times.

Although Nate is soft spoken and kinda inexperienced, when he gets a load of Samuel's rock hard dick inside his black underwear, Nate can't wait to get his hands on it! After Nate seems like he's loosening up, Samuel brings in a surprise guest, his other pal Zack Alexander. Zack is an insatiable, horny dude who loves to get treated like a dirty slut. It turns out Nate loves rough, hard fucking just as much as Samuel and Zack is the perfect bitch to handle these big angry boners. Watch Samuel and Nate stuff both their cocks down Zack's throat before they take turns reaming his ass.


Samuel O'Toole

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1 comment

Great! Lots of messy facials with major CUM!!!!! HOT.....
2015-07-06 13:44
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