Where's The Deposit

  • : 09-16-2017 |
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Featuring Mark Long, Damien Kyle
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When Mark Long hears what Damien Kyle is asking up front to move in, he realizes he's way out of his range. As he gets up to leave, Damien notices the bulge in Mark's pants and asks him if he's ok. Mark is embarrassed, and tells Damien he doesn't know why his dick is hard. Damien, sees an opportunity and tells Mark as long as he's open minded, there may be another way for him to make his deposit. Moments later, Damien is unzipping Mark's pants, and when he whips out his cock, he lights up, realizing he's hit the jackpot. He downs it hungrily as Mark pushes his head further, sucking Mark's dick and getting it nice and hard before mounting it slowly. Mark eases his hammer deep into Damien, and once he hits the bottom, he begins pounding. Flipping him over, he slides his raw cock in and out of Damien's sweet ass, pulling out just to plunge it back deep inside him. Damien takes every inch as Mark flips him over onto his back and fucks the cum out of him. He spits his load all over his chest while Mark continues to fuck him hard, pulling out and telling him to flip onto his stomach, spreading his legs wide so Mark can seed his hole. He unleashes his load all over Damien's ass and then slowly slides his swollen head back into Damien, filling him up from behind with more than enough deposit to cover the utilities.Enjoy!

Next Door Raw

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Love love Mark! But Damien steals the scene. He is naturally sexy...and damn what a mighty fine thick creamy load of cum! Jelly I wasn’t there to swallow it all!
2022-02-06 00:37
Have any of you laid your eyes on Damien recently?  He has completely transformed his appearance, added some muscle and beautiful long hair.  One of the most beautiful men I've ever seen.   Get out there quickly with a contract in hand before another studio does.
2019-10-06 05:20
More Damien Kyle please! I love his lean tight body and big brown eyes. Not sure about the goatee tho...
2017-10-30 05:42
Really I love Damien Kyle.I  prefer to see his Ass play with DEREK MAXUM. Also  Ass liking ...Big bird with big dick... ..Both are  Amazin bodies.
2017-09-29 19:45
I'm a member because of Mark Long!  That being said, please tell me that there is more in store with Mark!?
2017-09-20 00:11
ADMIN - Glad to hear that! Mark will be back in "My Friend's Hot Brother" with the incomparable tatted hunk Jake Ashford making his Next Door debut on October 19th! - Martin
2017-09-20 12:37
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