Who's Your Boss

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Upstart employee Jackson Cooper is aiming for the upcoming promotion, but his boss, Dalton Riley, isn't tipping his hand as to who will get it. Jackson reiterates his qualifications and Dalton thanks him for the discussion, assuming that's the end of it. Jackson is ready to leave, but something inside him tells him to push his luck, so he turns and tells Dalton he'd like to show him why he thinks he's qualified for the position. Confused, Dalton watches as Jackson lowers himself to kiss him. Dalton tells Jackson he's his boss, and Jackson says he promises not to tell, eyeing the bulge in Dalton's pants. Dalton closes his office door and throws Jackson onto the table, stripping out of his clothes as Jackson shows him just how much he wants the job. Spreading his legs wide, Dalton plunges his rock hard cock bareback in Jackson's waiting hole, fucking him as Jackson strokes his cock. Jackson shows his versatility as Dalton fucks him all over his office, before seeding his hole. Cum covered and rock hard, Jackson stands up and feeds his load to Dalton. As he swallows the last drop, Dalton tells Jackson he'll definitely consider his special qualifications.


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Would have liked them both with more natural body hair , but strange did find this one appealling
2019-07-20 15:52
Small cumshots
2018-10-09 23:38
Jackson uses his mouth and  hot ass to the max to earn his promotion.  Nice job by Dalton of playing the bemused boss taking what Jackson is offering.  Jackson concludes the scene with the promotion in his pocket, and the cum of his boss up his hot ass.  Great plot and sex acting it out.
2018-10-09 21:57
What a beautiful, handsome guy Jackson Cooper is. He absolutely steals the show for me here. Love the intro, and watch his face when he puts Dalton's big dick in his mouth for the first time, sooo cute. This guy surprises me every time he shows. After being such like a nerd in the earliest scenes he featured in at NDS, he made this incredible transformation: he filled out perfectly by gaining a lot of pure muscle mass, got rid of his specs and grew into a real adorable, and above all most desirable man, although he still kept some of his boyishnes  too. Watch for instance his flushing red cheeks when he gets excited. He has such a great ass and a beautiful big vascular cock. Love it when a guy obviously shaves his body hair and when it is returning in such like stubbles. Pairing Jackson here with Dalton Riley is a more than a perfect choice. Dalton is lean, muscular, well hung and hot as hell! Every time he is involved the sex is hot and intense. Right it shows that Dalton loves all the intimate intension Jackson gives him and with reason. Who wouldn't when such a male beauty offers all he has got to for free? And at his turn Jackson seems eager to explore Dalton at the fullest as well. Pity they don't eat each other's beautiful asses before starting to fuck. The rimming used to be part of both guys foreplay in earlier scenes. I really wonder what is the reason for this change at NDS? All in all watching these two hot stallions enjoying each other I like this scene though. But please bring the rimming back NDS!!
2018-10-08 04:42
Jackson Cooper and that ass, I love it when little boys grow up! P.S. LOVE THE RIDING, SHOW THAT ASS, MORE MORE!!
2018-10-08 00:30
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