Wrong Dude

  • : 01-12-2018 |
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Featuring Dalton Riley, Gunner
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With a knock at the door, Dalton Riley is ready for action. Journeyman Gunner, answering an ad for day labor, just happened to knock on the wrong door at the right time, so when he shows up looking hot and rugged, Dalton just assumes he's the escort he called. Gunner seems confused when Dalton whips his cock out, but takes one look at Dalton's impressive member and decides he can still be of service here. Immediately he falls to his knees and begins to work Dalton's cock with his mouth, as Dalton goes from semi-chub to full on diamond cutting hard on in no time. Flipping the script, he services Gunner before flipping him over and tonguing his hole. With Gunner nice and moist, Dalton proceeds to plunge his bareback cock deep inside the stranger in front of him, and Gunner takes the dick like a seasoned pro, as Dalton slides in and out of Gunner's tanned and toned ass. He fucks Gunner all over the bed, flipping him onto his back and pounding him before switching up and mounting Gunner's cock for one last ride. Once he's on board, Dalton proceeds to ride Gunner's cock to completion, spitting his load as Gunner fucks from below, then falling off as Gunner spits his load into Dalton's mouth. Dalton is smiling to himself for his afternoon liason when the doorbell rings. Answering it, Dalton sees a hot stranger waiting in his doorway, and he suddenly realizes he just made the best 'mistake' of his life.Enjoy!

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That was incredibly hot. Love Gunner's "innocence act" he is one of the sexist guys on here!
2018-10-08 08:11
I've said it before, I really love Dalton, and Dalton with Gunner is sensational.  Gunner is definitely as hot as Dalton.  I love that they both give as well as they take.  The flip-flop is hot, and the cumming conclusion is even hotter. Great scene !!!!!
2018-04-10 18:50
Paired well.  One of the best.
2018-02-18 03:46
Dalton always hott.  Gunner calm & smokin!!!
2018-01-14 12:42
Great scene!  Love the mix up ploy of Dalton mistaking day laborer Gunner for the escort who was due to arrive and fucking Gunner instead (with some flip flop fucking at the end).  Previously, I have seen Dalton mostly bottom and Gunner mostly top, so this was a refreshing change.  Also loved the cum eating at the end of the scene.
2018-01-13 22:36
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