Xavier Cross Goes Deep Inside Roman Todd

  • : 08-17-2017 |
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With member favorite Roman Todd involved, any scene is likely to be a hot one, but add in newbie Xavier Cross and the temperature just goes up from there. Xavier is a confident, open-minded guy from the Arizona, with nice thick lips and a penchant for using them. Slated to fuck Roman, he nonetheless starts out going down on him. Roman's big dick fills his mouth as he works his way up and down the shaft, and once Roman sufficiently turned on, they switch up and Roman reciprocates the favor, deep throating Xavier's meaty cock and gagging on it as Xavier pushes his head further down. With Xavier ready to fuck, he bends Roman over, sliding in bareback and working Roman from behind. He fucks Roman doggy style, long dicking him before picking up the pace and pounding him. Roman takes his dick like a champ before flipping Xavier over onto his back to ride him. He leans back and bounces on Xavier's cock, running his hands up and down the new guy's ripped chest. Roman is ready to cum, but Xavier isn't finished yet, so he throws Roman onto his back and fucks the cum out of him, pulling out to wet Roman's hole with his nut, dousing him in the process. Both guys let out a hearty laugh at the site of Roman covered in so much jizz, and Xavier vows to return to the scene of the crime soon enough. Enjoy!

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Roman Todd is a God.  I just wanna have him call me baby once in my life preferably when I'm sucking his cock or eating his ass
2018-07-25 19:31
Xavier Cross is so macho hot, like him too !!!  Hot bottom for Roman Todd for sure, and Roman knows to fuck him real hard.
2017-10-15 14:54
I might say that Roman Todd, is one of my favorite man at NDW, his sexy body is amazing, like his smooth chest and nipples. Roman is one of the hottest guys on earth.  Like to see him as a bottom to with Xavier Cross who has such nice tattoos on his body too.  plse bring Roman Todd and Xavier back soon.
2017-10-15 14:50
When Roman bottoms, he's the centre of attention and I bet any man watching just wants to be the one putting the blocks to him, but in another reality where we'd have that chance, we'd probably lose it as soon as he spread his thighs. Our avatar really got caught up in fucking him, probably what most of us were feeling on the other side of the web. Great job, guys.
2017-09-12 00:41
Agree.  Roman Todd is sexy as hell. I love every inch of him from head to toe.
2017-08-19 13:28
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